Osteopathy first struck me when a friend of mine suggested I should visit David Ponce for my back pain. At the time, I spent many hours in front of the computer, and not so many hours doing sport or taking care of myself. What shocked me was the science behind the philosophy os osteopathy and the way David saw my health.

10 years later I managed to get back to university and start studying what I really wanted for all that time. Today, I am currently a student in the European School of Osteopathy in Maidstone, Kent (UK). Moving into clinic helped me to decide to get this website running in order to share knowledge, articles, and experiences with others.

Also this site has the purpose to inform about the Tai Chi lessons I am giving in Maidstone.

One of my main interests in osteopathy is how the old osteopaths worked and what where their philosophies and skills. They worked in a time where drugs and hospitals where more likely to cause harm or even death than staying at home. Drugs where strong poisons and viruses spread widely among the population. What is interesting is that osteopathy became popular not only for its musculoskeletal benefits but also its application in the management of disease (to be quoted).

Today, in a time where the population has an opinion and is skeptical about drugs and injections, and in a time where super-viruses are proliferating in hospitals, osteopathy might have a chance to move out of the framed musculoskeletal business and restore it’s original values of body-mind-spirit.

These reasons led me to start another site named classical-osteopathy where I share interesting quotes articles of the classical osteopathic summary of traditional osteopathy made by Littlejohn, Wernham and Waldman.

But there is a lot to learn from visceral, cranial and structural osteopathy still in order to decide what way I will practice in the future.