A randomised experiment by Anderson et al (1999) evaluated if Osteopathic Manual Therapy had better outcome than Standard Care (SC) alone when managing patients with subacute Low Back Pain (>3 months, <6 months). The study (representative of the population with 178 participants) used standardised questionnaires showing no statistical difference between OMT and SC and same levels of satisfaction. In spite of this the OMT group showed statistically significant lower use of medication (P<0.001) and used less physical therapy (P<0.05). This study didn’t have a control group receiving no treatment at all.

Andersson, G. B. J., Lucente, T., Davis, A. M., Kappler, R. E., Lipton, J. A., & Leurgans, S. (1999). A Comparison of Osteopathic Spinal Manipulation with Standard Care for Patients with Low Back Pain. New England Journal of Medicine, 341(19), 1426-1431. Massachusetts Medical Society. doi:10.1056/NEJM199911043411903