Early American Manual Therapy is an online database with some of the most relevant books and articles published by the father’s of our discipline. Authors like Andrew Tailor Still, McConnell and Teal, and Louisa Burns can be found here.

I find it a very useful starting point when looking into techniques or articles when I have to write an essay. Some time ago I published the article by Mary L. LeClere, regarding the  Technique of a General Treatment which has a beautiful explanation on how she performed a Body Adjustment.

Today, I am including a research trick on this post. When you are looking for information on how did the early manual therapists treat the kidneys (for example) try the following search on your search bar:

mcconnell kidney: mcmillinmedia

The results will show all the websites that include the words McConnell and Kidney within McMillin Media. An extremely easy way to scan through the website without having to read everything. Try it!

The image at the top is the collection which includes historic manual therapy texts on traditional osteopathy, chiropractic, neuropathy, and massage from the late 19th and early 20th century. Version 6.0 includes 3 texts not included in previous editions. This CD is available on McMillin Media for 32 dollars.