• Routine
    Set of movements to prepare, activate and treat the whole body
  • Rhythm
    Locate aberrant rhythm and normalize it (compare Lt & Rt)
  • Rotation
    Reproduce, using a lever, the normal circulatory motion of the joint
    Assess and treat, using the lever, from the periphery to the deeper structuresHead’s law – Pain is felt in areas of higher sensitivity
    Hilton’s law – Nerves that supply the superficial also supply the deep
  • Mobility
    Voluntary control of muscles. Essential to maintain health
    Lack of mobility = loss of function
  • Motility
    Involuntary movement of viscera (ANS)
    Remove articular and musculoskeletal restrictions in order to normalize visceral motility and body cavities
  • Articular integrity
    By normalizing mobility of the joint and the motility of the surrounding structures you restore articular integrity
  • Coordination
    Coordination of the practitioner and the patient enables the body to initiate its self healing mechanism
  • Correlation
    Working on one structure (diaphragm) you have an effect on the structures that supply it (phrenic nerve & celiac trunk) and the structures that it influences or supplies (lungs & kidneys)
  • Stabilization
    Is the restoration of the coordination and correlation of the body => Homeostasis
    It is the aim of BA
  • Mechanical law
    It’s the study of the body mechanics taking into account the unities, keystones, pivots, cavities, gravity lines and cavities