It is somehow rewarding after evaluating all the ‘research against cranial osteopathy’, to read that Bruce Lipton considers in his ‘Biology of Belief‘ that the USA, and I guess many other countries, are exceeding the use of prescription drugs which are administrated to patients, suggesting that doctors should reconsider their Hippocratic Oath “First do no harm”.

Lipton, B. (2010) also questions why funds and research haven’t been allocated to energetic medicine inevitably labeling it as “unscientific”. Funds are mostly allocated to pharmaceutical medicine, a medicine that suppresses the body’s symptoms but never addresses the cause of the problem. Osteopathy, whether correct or incorrect, tries to address the source of the problem; treating the body as a whole addressing not only the symptoms but also the cause of disease. (Still, A.)

As an example, Lipton, B. (2010) suggests that cancer is a macroscopic expression of and underlying imbalance in the system. If medicine would address the cause of the imbalance rather than the effects of the imbalance, medicine would be more effective and maybe, less intrusive.


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