Multifidus as seen in Gray's Anatomy

This article published in Pubmed by Hides J. et al in 1996  evaluates the recovery of the multifidus muscle in patients who have suffered a first episode of unilateral Low Back Pain (LBP) and the effectiveness of specific exercises.

The multifidus muscle is a group of transversospinales: a group of muscles that span the length of the vertebral column and which are developed mostly in the lumbar region.

This experiment was conducted using 2 groups, one of them receiving main stream medical treatment and the other receiving specific exercises. After 4 weeks (single) blinded examiners assessed for pain, disability, range of motion, and most interestingly the size of the multifidus cross-sectional area.

The results showed that muscle recovery was faster in those receiving exercises, hypothesizing that the recurrence of LBP could  be due to lack of muscle support.

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Multifidus muscle recovery is not automatic after resolution of acute, first-episode low back pain.