Currently, private Tai Chi for Health lessons are available. They are directed at people with restricted mobility such as the elderly or people suffering from severe arthritis, back pain, etc; but they are also aimed at people who want to deepen their knowledge in the world of tai chi.

As opposed to a group session, the nature of these workshops allows me to monitor and correct every single movement the student is making where, as in the group sessions, try to transmit the basic tai chi principles expressed by Dr Lam: 

  1. The use of slow continuous movements
  2. The visualization of the movement against an imaginary resistance
  3. The awareness of the transfer of weight from one leg to another
  4. The maintenance of an upright position and alignment
  5. The loosening of the joints (Song)
  6. The focus and concentration in the movements
and also the extensions of the basic principles expressed by Dr Lam as:
  1. Jing: Quietness or serenity
  2. Song: Relaxation, loosening and stretching
  3. Chen: Sinking or accumulation of Qi (the vital force)
  4. Huo: Agility and lightness (of movments and brain)
These private lessons are also available for small groups of maximum 4 people. Please contact me for more information.