The TCA workshop run in Reggio di Calabria was held by Roberto Crea over 2 days during the 27 and 28th of August 2011. It involved the revision of the Part I of the TCA program composed of 12 movements: list movements and their reverse with a total of 23 movements. It also involved a revision of the principles of Tai Chi for Arthritis, the learning of the 9 movements of the Part II and finally a revision (or learning) of how to improve the depth of Tai Chi; program for which I was certified by Dr Lam in person in November 2010.

Previous to and after the workshop I practiced, with the very enthusiastic group of TCA and Tai Chi practitioners, in the waterfront in Reggio Calabria. Together, with Roberto, we shared knowledge and experiences as well as great food prepared by our hosts and the local restaurants of the city.

It is a great experience to take part in a workshop with such an extremely motivated group of practitioners who enjoy practicing tai chi for health and for fun. This encourages me to return to Italy and keep on evolving my tai chi skills for myself and those who learn with me.